Tosh Academy

Bite-Size Courses on Blockchain, Security, Web Technologies, SaaS & Startups

In Tosh Academy, you will be learning about Blockchain, Mobile App Security, SaaS startups, Entrepreneurship. I will be teaching the practical aspects of everything rather than being theoretical. I will be short & to the point.

Toshendra Sharma

Blockchain Basics: A Practical Approach

Learn Blockchain with Practical Approach & Analogy

Toshendra Sharma

Ethereum Developer: Create a New Cryptocurrency in Blockchain

Learn to create your own Cryptocurrency in Ethereum Blockchain and understand Solidity in the best way possible.

Toshendra Sharma

Learn Solidity: Programing Language for Ethereum Smart Contracts

Best Solidity Tutorial Available Online to Build Blockchain Based Decentralized Application DApps on Ethereum Network

Toshendra Sharma

How to Build a Crowd Sale (ICO) App in Ethereum Blockchain

Learn to Create a Crowd Sale (ICO) Application on top of Ethereum Blockchain to fund your business ideas.

Toshendra Sharma

MultiChain: How to set up Private Blockchain in AWS

Learn MultiChain & setup your own Private-Blockchain in a few hours on AWS Cloud

Toshendra Sharma

XML - Crash Course for Beginners

Quickly Learn basics of XML & start writing the web applications which use XML aggressively